What Fills My Days

My days are full of plain blueberry waffles.

Shopping. Feeding. Cleaning. Changing. Washing. Drying.

All the time.

Life with little kids.

I nearly forgot about the tornado of life with little kids.

And what a shame that would’ve been.

But my days are also filled with these.

Lincoln, the frog. Kid four to wear the frog suit for a winter.

Lincoln in the frog suit. All four of my kids wore this snowsuit when they were babies. 

There are photos to edit and emails to return and books to write and blog posts. More feeding and wiping.

And then it’s 9pm somehow and I’m exhausted. I have no idea where they day went most times.

But there is also this.

Brice, growing so fast. Where did nearly 5 years go?

Brice. Where did nearly 5 years go?

And there is this.

Worlds best puppy.

Worlds best puppy.

If there were an award at the first puppy class for best puppy, she would’ve gotten it. She’s smart and sweet and lovely.

Having a family of six (plus critters) means there is always someone needing something. It would be easy to worry about all that gets lost in the shuffle. Yet everything magically gets done.

All that bustle of all of us coming and going? The babies and puppies and cats and a 4 year old underfoot? That IS my life. Here is where I am,

And I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.


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