If You Want to Be Popular on Twitter…

Okay, that headline was totally misleading. I’m not popular on Twitter. I’ve had an account for years and I actually don’t know what I’m doing at all. But I’ve been going there lately because I keep getting told that I’m supposed to promote myself, which I hate and think is bullshit but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something that needs to be done.

So I’ve been trying to go there a few times a week and do some twittering. This mostly means I peruse the atmosphere and see what others do and try to see how it all works. Once in a great while, I tweet, but who cares, because no one knows me there. It’s kind of like walking around invisible, able to take it all in but not on anyone’s radar even if I do say something brilliant.

Until today. When I made some joke (kind of) and all the shit hit the fan.

I was walking with my best friend this morning and we were talking about how warm it is (it was 75 today in November in Wisconsin, so, warm). And I really like warm so I wasn’t exactly complaining. I freeze easy and early so I was glad for the nice temps. And I made a joke about how the climate deniers have been suspiciously quiet on these balmy November days. And we laughed, because we both believe in the fact that 97% of highly trained scientists have proved many times over that humans have an impact on the climate of this earth. So I didn’t even feel like I was reaching all that far out of the norm with this statement. Plus, it was just kind of a joke, even though it is true. I mean, every cold-ass-day of the year, the climate deniers love to ask where global warming is. So, I thought I’d toss the ball back. I mean, I AM funny.

I even made a joke this morning to my friend that I might post it somewhere, and I thought it’d be a perfect little tidbit for Twitter. And the drama-avoider that I am, Twitter meant that I didn’t have to deal with the Facebook wrath because I have lots of people who know me there. And I’m still trying to get over the fight that I caused last week when I opened my mouth.

At some point this morning, I went and tweeted my little thought and forgot all about it. Cause no one knows me there, remember? So I had no reason to check back. NO ONE comments or retweets or sends me videos and articles and causes a war in my name. But they did today.

My husband, Steve, texted me about how my Twitter was blowing up all day with a big climate change war and I was like, “There is? Really???” And then I went and looked and HOLY SHIT.

It was kind of a shit storm of people agreeing and retweeting and people hating me. One said, and I quote: I sure hope you adopted those 4 planet destroying children you have and that you aren’t just pot calling kettle black.

Moral of the story….

You want some attention? Make a joke about climate change (using the deniers as the butt, or maybe the weather, depending on how you look at it) and use the hashtag #climatechange. You’ll get popular.

Okay, you won’t really get popular on Twitter, but I do know how to get you noticed.


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