My Family Photos


We took our own family photos on this rainy Saturday, because this was kind of the only day that we were left with. A stupid cold-scratchy throat-gross eye-nebulizer-ear infection thing went through our house the past two weeks and hit every single one of us. And Georgia heads back to NYC tomorrow, so if there was going to be a family photo done, it was going to have to be today.

We ran around all summer and fall in different directions, everyone at work or school  or rehearsal or sleeping or napping or whatever. We talked about doing photos many times, then we ran off and took photos of others. The life of photographers, it seems.

It would’ve been nice if this Saturday would’ve given us some puffy clouds and a blue sky and a nice row of colorful trees. But life is not always what we planned. It’s what we do with it.

So I set up the tripod in our lovely glass porch and took our photos there. They are not perfect, and I am picky with this. Yet it seems to be fitting. These photos of low shutter speeds and high ISO’s and just enough light to make it all work at the very last minute. Our lives are full of imperfections and magical moments, all at once.

Because there are smiles, and tears, and a constantly moving toddler. It is us. Not perfect but happy and well.

My family. ❤






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